Yesterday, Erasmus+ students participated in the team building exercise with Samanta Šraraitė, International Relations and Project Manager, and Viktorija Reliugaitė, a specialist in the Strategic Development and Communication Department. Students had fun at “Lazertron”.

Erasmus+ Staff Week 2022-01-10

Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences is happy to invite you Erasmus+ Staff Week 02.05.22-06.05.22



The leadership platform closes the discussion cycle that lasted throughout September! And now we are heading to the next Leadership Platform activities!


Competition! 2021-08-27


During the meeting, these topics were discussed:

  • History and internal structure of Lithuania Business University of applied sciences
  • Study process in Lithuania Business University of applied sciences
  • Choose Klaipeda "Leadership Platform"

Welcome week is gaining momentum! Today, the International Relations and Projects Department introduced Erasmus+ students to the history of Lithuania and Klaipėda!
Tomorrow students will get acquainted with the history of the University and the study process!

Even more incoming students will join us tomorrow!

#Erasmusdays 2020 2020-10-15


2020 September 25 Deputy Director for Studies and Quality of Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences Assoc. Kristina Puleikienė and Vitalijus Žurkelio, the director of the Active Rehabilitation Association "Judėjime kartu" (eng. "Let's move together"), signed a cooperation agreement.

For the first time, the Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences joined the KA204 project for cooperation on innovation and exchange of good practice together with the German partner arco - Erlebnispädagogik e.V.

LBUAS entails promising career opportunities, international exchange and leisure time typical for students. 

Webinar impressions 2020-05-19

International Relations and Projects Department are sharing impressions from the webinar about the Smart management study program for International students at  Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences! This webinar took place online on 14th of May.


About Smart management study programme. Steps for admission.  

About Sales and Logistics Management study programme.

The International Relations and Projects Department are sharing impressions from the webinar about Tourism and Entertainment Business Industry study program international
studies at the Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences!

💡ONLINE WEBINAR💡About studies in Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences.


ONLINE WEBINAR about studies in Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences.

Hack, create and learn coding skills in a 48-hour virtual hackathon!

According to the official decision of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania on the Coronavirus pandemic situation in Lithuania, the education, training and study process in all educational institutions are temporarily stopped: universities, universities of applied sciences and schools, day and employment centers, kindergartens, non-formal education institutions.

International Relations and Projects Department are sharing two placement offers at Amasya University (Erasmus+ Office and Distance Education Center) in Turkey!

Brain battle! 2020-02-17


International Relations and Projects Department are sharing a short term project in Turkey!

International Relations and Projects Department are sharing the Project Management Championship (organizator IPMA Young Crew Lietuva)

ESN and Time Travel 2020-01-17


Brain battle! 2019-11-20


Brain battle! 2019-11-12



Week from 21st to 27th of October ESN Lithuania announced as Well being week and we have bunch of events for you this week.

Brain battle! 2019-10-16


Some pictures from the Germany Brain Battle! 🤩 It was a great experience and thanks everyone for coming! We congratulate Metehan Yasin and Oğuzhanı who won the German competition. We all will see you next week on Thursday for the brain battle dedicated to Ghana! 😊🤩😍🙏

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Brain battle! 2019-09-23


Brain battle! 2019-09-12



LTVK FUX CAMP'19 2019-08-12


Our Erasmus+ students participated in the Erasmus Student Network event, 'Vilnius&Trakai Trip'. They continued to know about Lithuania by visiting the IX Fort Museum in Kaunas, all the beauties of Vilnius, the historical Trakai Castle and spent a delightful weekend.

ESN Hiking Event 2019-04-15

On Saturday, Erasmus+ students participated hiking event organized by the Klaipeda Erasmus Student Network. Their hike started from Melnrage beach and they walked until Dutchman's Cap (Olando Kepurė) along the Baltic Sea for 9 km! They also played interactive games and enjoyed a beautiful sunny day!

LTVK FOCUS project team is sharing good news - the first course “Hospitality“ - is starting from April 5th.

Erasmus+ students from Turkey, Jordan and Turkmenistan participated the event of Erasmus Student Network 'International Dinner' which took place at Klaipeda University. At this event which the cultural diversity of students enriched, students presented their traditional foods, snacks and drinks that they prepared for this delicious event. And they found the opportunity to taste a lot of Lithuanian traditional flavors.

Erasmus+ students spent a delicious day! In the International Pancake Day, a presentation about 'Lent', period before Easter made to students. After that, together with the university staff, students ate the home-made pancakes and enjoyed the International Pancake Day!

Today, a presentation about summer internship in Greece presented by Amber Job Agency to Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences students. Don't miss the opportunity to take advantage of Erasmus + internships and study opportunities! You can apply for studies and practice before April 10. You can find out more about Erasmus + on February 26 at 11.30 am in the 204 auditorium!

Today is special day! Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences hosts special guests from University of Petra, Jordan! Which came by Erasmus+ staff program! Prof. Faisal Asad was teaching about business processes for Lithuanian and Erasmus+ students! 👏

Erasmus+ students had a graduation ceremony on 23rd of January. Congratulations goes to students which passed Erasmus+ semester successfully! Our port will be always waiting your ship!

Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences organized an award day for the best Erasmus+ students of this semester. For the several nominations, students voted for each other to determine nominees and announced the winners. They shared their feelings and thoughts about the time which they spent in Klaipėda throughout the event. The best singer and dancer showed a performance to the students. The couple of the semester played the game 'You or Me'. And the winners of the contest got their gifts. Congratulations to the winners!

After almost a months countdown, we leave Christmas and New Year's behind! Here are the photographs of Advent Calendars last days.

Students from Turkey, Germany and Portugal got their Advent gifts! Keep feeling the Christmas spirit!

Amazing closing! Erasmus students came together before Christmas to wish their best wishes to each other. The emotional moments were started with how Christmas was traditionally celebrating in Lithuania. By sharing some moments from Christmas times, it was shown how important Christmas is for Lithuanians. They received their Erasmus+ tshirts which is given by LTVK as Christmas gifts. Then they took photos to make these moments memorable. Students continued to feel the Christmas spirit by changing their Christmas gifts. The students had fun moments by describing the people they bought gifts. Like a family! 🎁🎄👌

4 more students took their presents, and we're looking forward the rest! 😁🎅🎁

Husam Barham from University of Petra, Omer Inan and Muazzez Balcı Inan from Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University and Bogdan Swiatek from Wszechnica Polska University in Warsaw visited LBUAS within Erasmus+ Staff Mobility. With Head of International Relations and Projects Department Samanta Štraupaitė, discussions have been made to strengthen international links among universities.

Mr. Husam, Mr. Omer, Mrs. Muazzez and Mr. Bogdan made a trip in the Old-Town and after the tour in the university. In the next days, The Castle Museum and Clock Museum was visited by the guests. At the end of their visit, they visited Amber Museum in Palanga with Erasmus students and tasted Lithuanian food in the traditional restaurant which is in Palanga.

Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences is happy to announce that LBUAS started to celebrate Christmas with Erasmus students by Advent Calendar! Starting from this day, students need to come to the office and pick the number which is equivalent to the days until Christmas. When the selected day arrived, students will visit the International Office to get their handmade gifts. Stay with us to feel the Christmas spirit!

Svetlana Štāle and Zane Purmale from Riga Technical University in Latvia visited Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences in the framework of Erasmus+ staff teaching mobility. The history of our university and its opportunities offered to students were introduced in a comprehensive way. After presentation of the laboratories of CISCO and criminology room together with a simulation courtroom, Mrs. Svetlana Štāle and Mrs. Zane Purmale took a tour in the university.

Coordinator Conny Bast From Albstadt-Sigmaringen University visited Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences on 8th of November. We shared our thoughts about the partnership and discussed how to strengthen relations, represented detailed information about the universities. Afternoon, Conny Bast visited Erasmus students in their dormitory. It was a pleasure to meet Conny Bast in Klaipeda!

A long awaited moment! Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences signed Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreement with University of São Paulo! Building bridges to the future!

Um momento tão esperado! Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences realizou um contrato institutional com a Universidade de São Paul Uso! A construir pontes para o futuro!

Coordinator Conny Bast from University of Albstadt-Sigmaringen will be at LBUAS on 8th of November. 

With organizing the Kazakhstan Day, we came to the end of Brain Battle. After a fast introduction, participants tested their knowledge about Kazakhstan while competing with each other. Right after the quiz, students tasted one of the traditional foods of Kazakhstan, Baursaki. Finally, they took souvenir photographs to keep memories of this beautiful day.

Brain Battle 2018-10-08


Brain Battle continues! We gathered this time for the Bulgarian Day. Students started day with a video about Bulgaria. Customarily, had a confusing quiz. And they read their names in Cyrillic script. For final, they learned some facts about Bulgaria. See you next week, in Kazakhstan Day!

Our Erasmus students came together with ESN group for International Dinner on 5th October. The event took place at Klaipeda University, contributed to the connection between students. They introduced to each other traditional foods of their countries. After presentation, they tasted various savory foods from Lithuania, France, Spain, India, Portugal, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Ukraine and followingly, enjoyed the night by having a pleasant conversation.

The Portuguese Day 2018-09-27

We left behind fourth week of Brain Battle. Erasmus students competed with each other by answering complex questions about Portugal. After the contest, they spent wonderful time tasting traditional Portuguese delicacies. Now, we are waiting for the Bulgarian Day!

Brain Battle 2018-09-27

Do you want to know the culture of Southwest Europe? Today is the Portuguese Day! There will be a quiz for you about Portugal. After the quiz, we will have some traditional food of Portugal. We are happy to invite you all!

Erasmus students came together for dinner and had traditional Turkish meals.

Brain Battle 2018-09-14

Second week of Brain Battle! Erasmus students answered Brain Battle questions related with Germany. After the game, students tried German flavors.

Erasmus teacher Mustafa Taş from Turkey Karabük University, taught Lithuania Business University of Applied Science students a class about Social Work and Counselling.

Brain Battle 2018-09-03



Raimonda Tamošvičienė, a lecturer at the Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences, visited the Banking University in Ukraine on May 14 - 18'th with the help of Erasmus+ faculty mobility, as well as conducted classes for students.

Lecturers of the Management Department of Lithuania Business University of Applied Science dr Jurgita Matinkiene and lect. Indrė Razbadauskaite, based on the mobility of the Erasmus+ exchange program traveled to Petra University in Jordan and lectured from 7/05/2018 to 11/05/2018.

Getting ready for an important event - Erasmus+ Staff Week!
Can't wait to see you in Klaipeda!

We are delighted with our new video clip and invite you to watch it! Thanks for help and creativity: Simona Mikalajūnaitė, Eren Topcu, Emin Özdoğan, Vladislav Bilyk.

The new partners are:
• Muğla Sıtkı Koçman Üniversitesi
• Energiewirtschaft an der Hochschule Biberach
• Uniwersytet Przyrodniczo-Humanistyczny w Siedlcach
We are delighted with the ever-increasing successes and hope that the partnerships will grow!

Visit of a lecturer at the Department of Management and a Head of International Relations and Projects in Portugal under the Erasmus + Exchange Program.

We invite all students to attend a meeting with Amber Job, an international recruitment agency on the 13th of November at 14:00 in the auditorium 203! During the meeting you will learn about opportunities in the field of tourism!

2017 September 19-23 The lecturers of the Lithuanian Department of Law LTVK Renata Šliažienė and Erika Statkienė went to the University of Portugal's Santa Maria da Feira (ISVOUGA - Instituto Superior entre Douro e Vouga) under the Erasmus + teaching and training exchange programs.

The second FOCUS group meeting (this time only eMentoring group meeting) took place in 11-12, July, 2017 at Relax Park, Sventoji, Lithuania.

Last week Lithuania Business University off Applied Sciences hosted delegation of Biberach University of Applied Sciences from Germany. Both parts made presentations about home university activities. During the meeting the possible cooperation fields were discussed: Erasmus international staff and student exchange mobility, frames of joint study programme, participation in international conferences, seminars and other events. Warm meeting was extended by tour in Klaipeda old city.

May 20-28, 2017 Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences together with Lithuania Education Exchanges Support Foundation and other Lithuania higher institutions went to India to take part in International Higher Education Fair 2017 in Hyderabad and Bangalore, India. The staff of LBUAS, Director prof. dr. Angelė Lileikienė, and Modestas Vaikšnoras, Head of Marketing Department represented study programmes and internationalization activity of LBUAS to international society.

FOCUS project 2017-03-21

From 2017 LBUAS started partnership activity in Interreg South Baltic project FOCUS Facilitating blue growth with open courses by utilizing R&D products and virtual mobility. The lead partner of the project is Klaipeda University. Other partners are Linnaeus University (Sweden), University of Gdansk (Poland), Roskilde Business College (Denmark). Also ten associated partners will be involved in the project activity.

On the 1st of March Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences was celebrating International and Erasmus day. The special guests of the event were schoolchildren from Simonas Dachas Secondary School in Klaipeda. Erasmus students from Italy, Portugal, Ukraine, Turkey and International students from India gave presentations about their respective countries. Students were talking about Erasmus exchange studies and traineeship programmes and explaining why they choose Lithuania and LBUAS for the study exchange programme. Indian students were trying to explain differences between Lithuania and India Cultures and showed video about India.

On 27th Feb – 2nd Mar. dr. Jurgita Martinkiene, Head of Management Department, and Algina Vainilaviciene, Head of International Relations and Projects Department of LBUAS visited Estonian largest private university Estonia Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences in Tallinn, Estonia, EUAS has been unconditionally accredited by the Estonian Quality Agency for Higher and Vocational Education.

Lithuanian Business University of Applied Sciences academic community on 24 February participated in the National dictation competition.

February 16 Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences students in III Klaipėda Light Festival organized a role play ,,One House story"

2017 13 February director of the Lithuanian business university of applied sciences  professor. dr. Angele Lileikienė together with Klaipeda Municipality Mayor Vaclovas Dackauskas signed a cooperation agreement.

Lithuanian Business University of Applied Sciences  invite Students to take Advantage of a Unique Opportunity  to prepare for State Informatics exam!

Algina Vainilaviciene, Head of International Relations and Project Department, took part in seminar Erasmus+ International Dimension Information Days 24th – 25th November, 2016 in Vilnius.

On June 15 Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences signed a cooperation agreement with Klaipėda County Chief  Police Commissariat.

LTVK received a certificate from PEARSON to conduct English language testing.

On May 25 d.Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences on signed a cooperation agreement with the company JSC ,, Balance of Ideas "

XIII International Students’ Scientifical-practical conference ,,Academic Aspirations of Youth: Insights in Economy, Management and Teachnologies 2016“ was held at Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences on May 6th 2016

On April 25 at the University the Law Department held a mini conference "Legal Society and Issues".

LTVK students, Erasmus students, faculty and administration on 21 April participated in the Darom (Let’s do it)  2016 campaign.

On April 19 the University held the day of the social partners “The Specialist We Will Need Tomorrow. "

The organizers of the first study and career exhibition in Klaipeda called “Klaipeda is a port of students. Study regatta'16” received a certificate of appreciation from Klaipeda city mayor Vytautas Grubliauskas. On behalf of the University, the Head of the Marketing Department Laura Savickiene and the Administrator of the Studies Department Modestas Vaiksnoras received the certificate. The University thanks the staff and students who have contributed to the event “Study Regatta”.

On March 24 the Deputy Director Assoc. Dr. Rasa Grigolienė of Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences and the director of the European Consumer Centre (ECC) Tomas Kybartas signed a cooperation agreement.

On March 15 the Management Department held a mini conference „Business Practical Recommendations 2016.“ The conference was organized by the Head of the department Assoc. Dr. Jurgita Martinkienė.

On March 9 the ceremony of diploma handing was held for the third time at Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences for the graduates who chose a new, innovative and modern form of studies-distance learning.

On March 4, Culture Factory held the first study exhibition „Klaipeda – is a port of students. Study Regatta’16 which aims to invite students to learn, to study, to pursue a career and create their own lives in Klaipeda.

The director of Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences Assoc. Dr. Angele Lileikienė and the director of JSC „Vlantana“  Anton Stončius signed a cooperation agreement.

First year students of Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences on August 30-31 attended LTVK freshmen camp '16.

According to the EESF project conducted by Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences On support for foreign teachers arriving to teach in the Lithuanian higher education institutionson September 19-30 Professor Gilberto Marzano arrives at Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences from Rezekne Higher School, Latvia. The lecturer will present a series of lectures Old and New Concepts in ICT (in English) for TI-15, TI-16, M-16 groups of students. The lecture time is published in the schedule.

On September 19-25, 2016 teachers of Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences traveled to Szent István University (Gödöllő, Hungary) under the Erasmus + teacher exchange program.

On Fabruary 9 th. at 14:00 there will be a meeting with the administration and there will be a tour around the old town of Klaipėda with the student delegation and mentors.