Study programmes for International students

Smart Management

This degree program is designed to prepare qualified professionals who are able to establish a business venture, manage, analyze and monitor the state of the business, taking care of business development and leading the staff.

Possible specializations:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Sustainable Projects Management

Tourism and entertainment business industry

This degree program is designed to prepare tourism and entertainment business managers with knowledge of tourism and recreational activities and services peculiarities, able to self-organize, plan travel and entertainment companies.

Possible specializations:

  • Travel and excursion management
  • Spa and wellness tourism management
  • Event management

Sales and Logistics Management

This degree program is designed to prepare qualified sales logistics management professionals who are able to forecast, plan, organize continuous workflow in trading companies or departments, to organize the goods or raw materials purchasing, sales, production or storage.

Possible specializations:

  • Marine transport logistics
  • Product Distribution Logistics
  • Sales Management

Applied informatics and Programming

The main purpose of this program - to provide students with basis and specifics informatics knowledge, to be able to design and build applications, Web programmes and databases, perform computer graphic design work, conduct computer network maintenance.

Possible specializations:

  • Web Development
  • Computer Network Administration
  • Mobile Application Development